Update information around Neca

Update information around Neca

We have some recent update information around Neca


The first batch is expected to arrive around 28th/29th September

04810 - Universal Monsters Wolfman B/W - no pre-orders

41971 - Evil Dead Ultimate Ash 40th Anniversary - no pre-orders

54187 - TMNT / Universal Michelangelo as the Mummy

04812 - Universal Monters Mummy B/W

53619 - BTTF Griff

And second big delivery of new items is expected 1st/2nd of October

61649 - Batarang Red Version

54156 - TMNT Shadow Warriors

30749 - Gremlins Accessory Pack

30584 - Gremlins Mogwais Assortment

42142 - Robocop and Chair

03345 - Jaws Matt Hooper (Shark Cage)

18300 - Elton John with Piano

04484 - Toony Terrors Halloween Season of the Witch

Obviously these are still subject to delays with customs etc, but we have least confirmation they are on the way and should be landing very soon